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Success for any construction project is contingent on how meticulously it is planned. Massaro will ensure that we have the correct preconstruction and operations personnel at each meeting in order to create the foundation for your project. We will prepare a cost estimate with recommendations to avoid cost overruns. Massaro, along with the design team, will establish target values for each discipline. Massaro has expertise in tracking and monitoring budgets as we progress through the design process. Massaro will speak up if we determine the design isn’t matching the determined budget.


As part of the preconstruction phase, Massaro will showcase our proprietary constructability review. Massaro will assemble estimates at every design iteration with clear understanding of what changes occurred as the drawings are being developed. We understand value engineering is part of the process and we will implement this process in schematic design rather than waiting for the CD phase. This process has proven to be successful.


  • Cost estimates

  • Cost management/tracking plan

  • Value engineering

  • Constructability review

  • Coordination of scope

  • Design review coordination

  • Long lead procurement

  • Bid package analysis
  • Pull Planning/project schedules development

  • Subcontractor and supplier selection and qualification

  • MBE/WBE outreach



Construction management/general contracting is the heart of our business.  Since 1967, our clients have trusted Massaro Corporation to deliver the highest quality projects on schedule and within budget. A successful construction process begins with a collaborative preconstruction process where the project manager is involved from day one. This provides for a seamless transition from precon to construction, and beyond.


We begin with a kick-off meeting including all of the stakeholders and share a meal. It is imperative that we move forward into construction with trust, and what better way to begin than to break bread. This is all part of “The Massaro Way” – our lean integrated construction process. Our workforce understands the importance of consistency and we utilize these methods on every construction project in order to deliver a successful project.


Preconstruction Phase (Role of Operations Team)
  • Constructability Review​

  • 3D Modeling (BIM)

  • CPM Schedule

  • The Big Room -- colocation trailer

  • GMP final review and sign off by the team


Construction Phase
  • Project kick-off meeting and meal

  • Conditions of Satisfaction – what defines success for safety, schedule, financial, customer?

  • Visual Management  -- What do we want people to see? What is most important?

  • Subcontractor Pull Planning Meeting (working backward from the end of project or milestone)

  • Deliberate planning of self-perform work

  • Track production units using the unit cost report

  • Preparatory Phase Meeting – pre-installation meeting six weeks prior to subcontractor on-site

  • Initial Phase Meeting – one week prior to subcontractor on-site

  • Weekly work planning and percent planned complete (PPC)

  • Daily Huddle – Ongoing lessons learned – What’s going well? What can we improve?

  • Exit strategy

The Massaro Way 2022_2.png



As construction manager (CM), Massaro is an owner advocate in the building process. We act as an interface between owners and your design and construction staff. We provide you with the facts you need to make sound decisions so that you can effectively and proactively manage your construction project.

We help project owners throughout the entire master planning effort to control aesthetics, schedule and costs. We will customize a team of our construction experts to respond to your specific project challenges, assisting you in developing a clear and concise scope, budget and schedule. In the case of public agencies, certain due diligence activities are often required before a project can proceed. We have a depth of experience in the public sector enabling us to act as an extension of your staff and expedite documentation for any regulatory submission.

During the design or preconstruction phase we provide analysis of the facility’s cost, design, schedule and impact on the current operations if applicable. This is accomplished through:

  • Cost Estimates

  • Constructability Reviews

  • Preconstruction Schedule

  • Site Logistics Study

  • Bidding

  • Construction

  • Close-out



Massaro Corporation has the ability to self-perform the following work with our own labor force, provided it adds value to the project through a competitive price and schedule acceleration:


  • Concrete foundations, slabs, and paving

  • Selective demolition

  • Rough carpentry

  • Finish carpentry and casework installation

  • Door and hardware installation

  • Light gauge framing, drywall and acoustical ceilings

  • Division 10 installation



Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an innovative approach to construction project planning and execution. Utilizing extensive 3D modeling, a given project is digitally “built” in its entirety before any of the project's components are fabricated. This process allows the project team to visualize the project and proactively alleviate potential field issues before they ever arise.

The Massaro Virtual Construction team has developed a comprehensive approach to BIM that is geared toward providing our customers with as much or as little of this technology as makes sense for their project. With dedicated staffing, state-of-the-art software, and a proven coordination process and execution plan, Massaro Virtual Construction uses the BIM method to create an enjoyable construction experience.



One of Massaro’s core values is Service.  We believe that our success is bound to the health of the communities in which we work. We are committed to volunteerism, diversity, environmental sustainability, and good corporate citizenship.


We understand that environmental sustainability starts with us.  Some of the actions we’ve taken to be better stewards of the environment include:

  • Adding a LEED Certified addition to our office

  • Implementing a company-wide recycling and paper reduction program

  • Utilizing environmentally friendly cleaning products

  • Having an employee maintained on-site organic garden

  • Composting food waste for use in our garden

  • Implementing a rainwater harvesting project

  • Setting a goal to recycle 75% of the waste generated on our projects

  • Utilizing technology to process all submittals electronically

  • Installing a white TPO roof and a PV panel system, which produces 40.3 kw/hr of electricity per year

  • Purchasing a hybrid vehicle for staff use

In addition to our own efforts, Massaro has built more than 30 commercial construction projects implementing sustainable practices.  These range from LEED Silver, Gold and Platinum buildings to the Cascadia Living Building Challenge, the first ever Parking Garage awarded a Parksmart Gold designation, and library that achieved Passive House certification.


We are committed to doing our part to maintain a healthy planet.

The Massaro Garden

Behind the Massaro headquarters, our team, headed by Kevin Nestor and Barb Haas, maintains a fantastic garden that is harvested throughout the warmer months to promote wellness and sustainability within the organization. 

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