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Since 1967, Massaro Corporation has been shaping the landscape of Western Pennsylvania and beyond by providing our clients with the highest quality in construction management/general contracting services. Beyond the bricks and mortar of construction, we have built our customer relationships on strong foundations of integrity, trust, and an unwavering commitment to doing what is right. Family-owned and values-driven for fifty-five years, Massaro Corporation aspires to be a role model for our industry by providing our customers with an enjoyable construction experience.



We are nothing without our customers. Our customers put their faith in us to deliver cost-effective, functional, and beautifully crafted space that will serve their needs for years to come. We are committed to ensuring that this level of trust is never neglected and that our customers’ voices are heard and needs are met and surpassed throughout construction.


Massaro Corporation has become intimately knowledgable with how to deliver superior results through any project delivery method. Whether brought on at a project’s onset or later as a successful bidder, our staff knows that teamwork and open, honest communication are at the heart of every great project. Utilizing any delivery method, our high standards for your project are the same. Safety above all and customer satisfaction drive everything we do, every day on every project.



Since 1967 we have had the good fortune to forge relationships with clients in a vast array of industries. Market segments such as healthcare, higher-education, k-12, non-profit, and multi-family housing comprise the bulk of our work. For more than 55 years of building projects big and small for amazingly diverse clients, we have learned a lot about what creates an enjoyable construction experience. We also know the countless potential pitfalls that can assail any job, from unforeseen conditions to the stress that comes along with large, expensive projects. Because of what we know, we believe that ‘business as usual in our industry is unacceptable and we are working diligently every day to give our customers a better experience. We know that an enjoyable experience starts and ends with our people.



Architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers are all integral partners in the building process. Fostering relationships and collaborating with the right subs and partners is key for us to deliver an enjoyable construction experience to our customers.

How do we choose the right subs and partners? We are continually working to strengthen our relationships with firms that share our values and commitment to construction excellence.

Massaro Corporation proudly utilizes union labor and is signatory with:

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