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Why Hire a CM?

As construction manager (CM), Massaro Construction Management Services, LLC is your advocate in the building process. We act as an interface between you and your design and construction staff. We provide owners with the facts they need to make sound decisions so that they can effectively and proactively manage their construction projects. The early involvement of a construction manager provides the owner with a team of construction experts that develop the necessary facts regarding project cost, design, and schedule as well as recommendations to reduce any negative impact the construction may have on surrounding activities.

Cost Estimates

These estimates allow the owner to manage the project’s budget. Through the use of value engineering and bid alternates, owners can manipulate project details to stay within budget.

  • Construction Costs – The anticipated fair market value of the project on bid day

  • Soft Costs – Accounting of all non-construction costs associated with the project


Constructability Reviews

The constructability review performed by your CM will provide an in-depth, technical examination of the project’s design and specifications. Constructability reviews are intended to provide you with recommendations that will improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of the design.


Preconstruction Schedule

The preconstruction schedule developed by your CM is a detailed Critical Path Method schedule that illustrates all the activities of the owner, design team and construction manager, including regulatory milestone dates, local governmental requirements and any other agency compliance obligations specific to your industry. The purpose of the preconstruction schedule is to keep your project on time and on budget.

Site Logistics Study

The site logistics study examines how the facility will be affected by the construction and considers employee/visitor safety, vehicular traffic, parking, construction traffic and deliveries, and special events. Site logistics plans are especially important for projects that involve sites that are occupied during construction.



An experienced CM facilitating the bidding process will add enormous value to the project, ensuring that the bid packages are clear, complete, and concise, as well as verifying that all bid submissions are in compliance with the bid requirements, especially important in public sector work. We will then submit bid tabulations and recommendations to the owner allowing a comparative review to select the most responsive and most qualified bidder.



With the increasing complexity of the construction industry, coupled with an increasingly litigious society, your CM’s role is to foster a team environment that encourages communication and collaboration. Through a continuous on-site presence, an experienced CM will maintain the project record, facilitate necessary approvals from appropriate stakeholders, and provide the owner with the factual project information required to make the critical decisions necessary to keep the project moving.



Once the project reaches substantial completion and the owner has occupied the space, there are numerous “punchlist” items that require contractor attention to complete prior to final payment and contract completion. Your CM will work with you and your architect to establish, monitor and verify the completion of your project’s punchlist.

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