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The Landing Hotel - River's Casiono

Massaro was awarded the general construction of The Landing Hotel. It is located adjacent to the Rivers Casino on Pittsburgh's North Shore, attached via a private glass facade walkway enabling hotel guests to utilize casino amenities. The seven-story, luxury hotel provides for 219 rooms, a fitness room, a lobby bar/buffet area and a registration lobby that connects to the existing casino entry. The 160,000 square foot hotel has an entry/access point through the lobby to an outdoor terrace, an event space and the river walk.

The Landing Hotel features expansive windows on every level with panoramic views of the Ohio River and Pittsburgh’s famous skyline. Included among the guest rooms are 10 luxury terrace suites, each with private first-floor patios. A contemporary interior and exterior design, consistent with Rivers Casino’s upscale urban aesthetic, integrates beautifully with other North Shore venues.

The steel structure, with precast plank floors, have deep pile foundations with concrete grade been and pile caps. The exterior facade is a floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall with insulated metal panel infills.

Massaro self-performed concrete, doors, frames and hardware, and division 10 items.

Project Numbers

December 2022



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