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Fanti USA - Manufacturing Facility Renovation

Massaro was awarded the manufacturing plant renovation project through a negotiated procurement process. Gruppo Fanti, a metal packaging manufacturing company headquartered in Bologna, Italy, invested $30 million to open its first U.S.-based manufacturing plant in Weirton, West Virginia.

Fanti Group is an Italian industrial group, founded in 1948, specializing in packaging, owned by the Fanti family. The group has an aggregate revenue of 120 million euro, operates several plants in Italy along with several production and commercial entities in Europe, Russia, and Africa that manufacture more than 100 million metal cans every year. The companies plans are bringing new jobs to the area in Brooke County.

The company studied many areas of the country when deciding to locate an operation in the United States, eventually deciding on the Rust Belt region because of its history with manufacturing and the dedication of its workforce.

For FantiUSA, this project signifies the largest expansion in the history of the Fanti Group. The new manufacturing facility produces metal packaging containers with state-of-the art equipment.

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August 2023



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