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Meadville Medical Center | Vernon Place

Vernon Place is an 85,000 square foot, two-story, multiple specialty medical office building. This building is the first of the new medical-services-specific development, and is the anchor for future establishments offering similar services in the development.

While the building is not attempting LEED certification, many "green" features have been factored into the design and materials. In addition to medical offices, the building also provides:
• Imaging areas
• An MRI unit
• Therapy pool
• Large orthopedic group inhabiting most of the second and part of the first floor

The facility also houses the new, fully functional, Meadville Family YMCA, which is partnering with
the Meadville Medical Center to create physical therapy spaces within the complex. The YMCA includes a full size basketball court, racquet ball courts, fitness area, and a full size pool.

Massaro utilized our subcontractor relations manager to engage Meadville-based subcontractors and supply vendors, when possible, to keep a portion of construction revenue within the community.

Project Numbers

November 2015



Square Feet

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