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Marriott - North Shore SpringHill Suites

Massaro completed construction of a ten story, 134,997 square foot hotel on Pittsburgh’s North Shore. SpringHill Suites, faced in cast stone and brick veneer, consists of ten floors, 198 guest suites, an underground mechanical room, three conference rooms, street level retail space, an indoor pool and whirlpool, in-suite Jacuzzis, an exercise room, two passenger elevators, and one service elevator.

In order to begin construction of the hotel, Massaro performed bulk excavation of the site. Auger piles to stabilize the structure’s foundation were installed after the foundations of the buildings previously on-site, which dated back to the 1800s, were removed. Once the foundation and structural steel were in place, a temporary construction elevator was built to service the high-rise building and aid in the movement of people, equipment and materials.
The hotel was constructed using a staggered truss system, which allows for flexibility and minimizes the structural impact of a wide open floor plan. The steel skeleton was fitted with pre-cast floors, which when in place, make up the floors and form the ceilings for the floors below.
Pedestrian traffic, limited staging and lay down area, and site location made this project a challenge that was overcome through constant communication and careful planning.

Project Numbers

April 2005



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