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Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Main Campus Housing

Massaro was awarded the project to construct a four phase student housing revival for IUP. The state-of-the-art housing project lasted more than four years and became the highlight of the campus.

Throughout the four phases of student housing construction Massaro, made numerous connections to the campus wide steam/chilled water loop fed by the University central plant. Each new building was fed with both steam and chilled water. Although the focus of this project was the creation of the new and functional student housing, the design and installation of attractive green space was a major component of the project.

Sustainable Features Include:
Over 50% of the site area is vegetated open space.
Light colored concrete was utilized where paving was required to minimize heat gain due to the heat island effect.
An irrigation system was not required for the landscaping by utilizing native plantings therefore eliminating water waste.
By using heat recovery wheel units, high R-value roof and wall insulation, efficient light fixtures, and high efficiency heating and cooling systems, the phase one building showed a 16% energy cost savings compared to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standard.
During the course of construction the project team diverted 4,483 tons, or over 90% of the on-site generated waste from a landfill.

Project Numbers

August 2010



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