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DuBois Area School District - Wasson Elementary

The DuBois Area School District (DASD) hired Massaro CM Services to act as their construction manager to oversee the design and construction phases for a project at Wasson Elementary School. DASD is in the process of consolidation their eight existing elementary schools into four schools that will provide state of the art teaching facilities including STEM classrooms and modern music and art facilities to their students. The renovation portion of the project was an occupied, phased renovation.

The Wasson project consists of an eight classroom addition (12,000 SF) and a complete renovation of the existing facility (57,000 SF). The eight classroom addition was needed to house additional students that were relocated from other schools. The renovations included new mechanical and electrical systems, upgraded classroom amenities including finishes and specialty items such as casework and improved audio visual systems.

The project has been executed over multiple phases to allow for Wasson’s educational environment to be uninterrupted. Many meetings were conducted with faculty and staff to determine the most efficient means to have an active construction project in an operating school.

Project Numbers

December 2021



Total Square Feet

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