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Allegheny College - North Village Housing - Phase I

Massaro was hired by Allegheny College to construct the new student housing complex.

The two phase student housing project at Allegheny College added 341 beds and 125,000 square feet of space to the Meadville campus. The first phase was LEED Certified and the second phase achieved LEED Gold certification, evidencing the college’s commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable Features Include:
Extensive on-site water retainage system
The heating and cooling systems equipment are served by a geothermal ground source glycol/water system comprised of vertical wells and associated
piping which comprises the loop field for this project
Native landscaping replaced irrigation systems
20% water use reduction
Enhanced commissioning throughout design &
construction process
Diverted 75% construction waste from landfills
Utilized 25% recycled materials
Utilized 20% locally harvested or manufactured materials
Improved indoor air quality
Low VOC adhesives, paints, carpet and composite wood

The entire project team developed and coordinated the
requirements and intended credits to achieve LEED Certified status for this project. Work was completed in August 2006 to meet the demands of the college�s academic school year.

Project Numbers

August 2006



Square Feet

Project Gallery

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