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Massaro Serves: Light of Life

September 15, 2016


At the end of April, Massaro volunteers braved the elements and spent the day helping Light of Life Rescue Mission, located on the Northside of Pittsburgh, spruce up its outdoor living space. We re-graveled the parking lot and sidewalk, demolished old planters to prepare for new grass seed, and mulched two campuses.

While it seems like this may have been a small task, they explained that the outdoor appearance goes a long way with the community.  The mission strives to keep the yard clean and neat to alleviate any concerns from the neighbors and maintain a positive image and relationship. Additionally, all money saved through the use of our manual labor is dollars returned directly to its much needed program.

This organization truly is very important to the Pittsburgh region and offers many different programs. They have a men’s emergency shelter to provide homeless men with a safe, warm place to lay their head at night. The men can also receive a warm meal, clean clothes, and a place to bath at the facility. They provide more than 100,000 meals annually to all residents and any man, woman or child in need.  The organization is committed to helping chronically homeless men find housing and employment to better their lives. Additionally, they have an opportunity to participate in a 90 day case management program where they will receive a place to sleep and store personal belongings along with access to educational resources.

They also have a program to help single mothers and children who have been affected by addiction or abusive relationships. Light of Life hopes to one day open a women’s emergency center as well.  Currently, when women enter this program they are provided an apartment that Light of Life pays for. The women receive counseling to learn about household management and strengthening their family.

This is a great organization that does much to help our community so it was great to be a part of the Massaro workforce doing something small that made a huge difference. Their staff was truly grateful for our hard work.

To learn more about their work click here.

Article by Sam Adams, Lead Estimator

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