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Early Planning for BIM

July 11, 2014

Early Planning for BIM

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin

The preparations that takes place before a construction project get started could be the difference between success and failure. The same importance can be instilled on to early planning for the BIM process on a project.

Planning for the use of BIM should begin at the same time as design, or even before. By using a BIM execution plan all parties involved with a project, from owners to designers to contractors, are clearly made aware of opportunities and responsibilities associated with implementing BIM into the project workflow. This plan acts as a road map for the entire BIM process, outlining the way BIM will be used, project contacts, goals of using BIM on the project, how information is going to be exchanged, BIM and data requirements, model structure, and project deliverables.

The BIM execution plan will tell contractors to what level of detail and accuracy they should model their fabrication models to. This will allow for the team in the field, months after the coordination process is complete, to know that all models are within a specified accuracy. With this they can install hangers earlier and during concrete pours, knowing that if they follow the layout from the BIM they will be successful installing the systems at a later date. The planning also includes what should be modeled and what information should be contained within that model. The owner can help to determine exactly what information gets added to the BIM, as the model can eventually be used for facility maintenance purposes by the owner throughout the lifecycle of the building.

The BIM execution plan acts as a contract for space in the model, determines how the model is going to be created and why, and facilitates communication and collaboration before and throughout the BIM process. It is a road map for the entire BIM process, and if followed can lead to a successful BIM project and construction project overall.

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