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Build Your Future Day: Gwen’s Girls

October 11, 2016

At Massaro, we believe we have a responsibility to connect youth with careers in construction. 

We recently hosted a Build Your Future Day for Gwen’s Girls.  This event was focused on the “business of construction”, in which it targeted careers that likely follow a traditional post-secondary education and are in the office verses on the jobsite. 

Gwen’s Girls is a non-profit whose mission is to empower girls and young women to have productive lives through holistic, gender-specific programs, education and experiences.  Gwen’s Girls mission of exposing their girls to different experiences and Massaro’s belief that it is our responsibility to expose the community to career options in construction made them an ideal match for our Build Your Future Day program. 

Gwen’s Girls brought a group of young women who were eager to learn about Massaro and options within the construction industry.  The day consisted of a group breakfast where the girls and the Massaro volunteers learned about each other and the expectations for the day.  After breakfast, everyone divided up into smaller groups, consisting of a couple of girls from Gwen’s Girls with a Massaro volunteer, to complete an informational scavenger hunt.  Through the scavenger hunt, the girls interacted with Massaro’s office staff from every department to get answers to questions they were given.  Some of the questions included: who they were, what they did here at Massaro, what soft and technical skills they used daily, and what advice they would give.  Once all the groups had completed the scavenger hunt through the office, everyone discussed what they had learned while talking to the Massaro employees and what the key takeaways from the day were. 

It was a pleasure to volunteer with Gwen’s Girls and help expose these young ladies to a career in construction.  In a predominantly male industry, it was beneficial for the girls and rewarding for me to show the girls women in the workforce being successful and confident as well as showing them options for their futures.  

Article by Alicia Densmore, BIM Manager/Project Architect

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