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Women on the Rise

July 29, 2016

CMU_Women's Leadership Course

CMU Leadership Development Program for Women’s Massaro participants (from left to right): Jessica Ramsey, Marketing Coordinator; Alicia Volcy, Project Architect; and Ashley Krymowski, Business Development Executive

Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business has made strides in the education and advancement of exceptional women through their Leadership for Women program headed up by CMU’s own Leanne Meyer.

The executive education program provides courses for women at all career levels to come together to explore, share, and gain knowledge and expertise in critical areas of business. In May of this year, Massaro’s Alicia Volcy, Ashley Krymowski, and myself took part in the inaugural “Women on the Rise: Leadership for Emerging Women” cohort through this exciting program. The three-day program was designed for women with some project and management responsibility on the cusp of transitioning into greater leadership roles. Each day the class of 18 women from a variety of industry backgrounds came together to hear from academia and industry experts on a range of topics including: building networks of influence and significance, articulating a leadership brand, managing conflict, developing executive presence, team management and negotiation.


Emerging women are often women of action who are eager to forge new paths toward confidence and effective leadership to reach greater heights in their careers. However, women face a multitude of issues in today’s business environment, especially in a male-dominated industry, that create challenges and barriers, which are often difficult to overcome to be successful. We were encouraged to share our thoughts, concerns, and personal experiences to help create a richer learning experience. The direct interaction between both instructors and peers created a comfortable and engaging environment in the classroom that blended thought leadership and practical experience all while creating invaluable personal and professional ties with like-minded peers. Through this interaction we discovered similar frustrations and issues that we deal with in the workplace, and were able to form bonds with one another by support
ing and collaborating to create possible solutions and build confidence in each other.


I am proud to not only be part of the inaugural graduation class of the ‘Women on the Rise’ program but to have been recognized as an emerging leader in the industry and given this amazing opportunity. We not only explored and gained mastery in critical areas of business to help take steps towards our future, but met and developed strong bonds with some remarkable women across various industries. Thank you to Leanne Meyer for your hard work in promoting and executing an extraordinary program for women to gain the knowledge, expertise, and confidence necessary to excel in business. As women of Massaro we are proud to have taken part in this insightful program and encourage other evolving women that have the opportunity to consider taking a giant step towards your future with CMU’s Leadership for Women programs.

CMU_Women's Leadership Class

“Women on the Rise: Leadership for Emerging Women” 2016 Class


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Article by Jessica Ramsey, Marketing Coordinator

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